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Beautiful Design

We believe design is the most important aspect of your website. Nobody wants their business to look ugly especially when its accessible to millions of potential users worldwide. That’s why we take pride in our work, we make sure we build something beautiful, clean and effective. So anyone browsing your website, enjoys the experience.

Free Training & Support

All our e-Commerce packages come with free training. We’ll teach you how to keep your site up to date with products and also manage day-to-day running of the site.

Fully Optimized Websites

We’ll build your websites so they run as fast as they can, creating an enjoyable experience for the user.

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Small Shop

£ 29 per month
  • Online Shop/Website
  • Upload up to 100 products
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Set-up Fee Normally £3,995
  • Special Offer Set Up Fee – £1,995

Pro Shop

£  49 per month
  • Online Shop/Website
  • Upload up to 100 products
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Set-up Fee Normally £3,995
  • Special Offer Set Up Fee – £1,995

Ultimate Shop

£  99 per month
  • Online Shop/Website
  • Upload unlimited products
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Set-up Fee Normally £3,995
  • Special Offer Set Up Fee – £1,995

Marketing Package

£ 199 per month
  • Online Shop/Website
  • includes Ultimate Package
  • CRO, MVT & Search Analytics
  • Optional SEO Management
  • Set-up Fee Normally £6,995
  • Special Offer Set Up Fee – £3,995

Logo Design

We can design a professional looking logo for your business, regardless of the size of your business or organisation. All you have to do is provide us with a brief and we’ll do the rest.

Because we our designs are tailored to suit your needs, prices do vary. But once its designed, its your too keep! For more information contact us

Branding and Social Media

If you need leaflets and brochures for your business, our in-house designers can whip up some marketing material for you. We can also create Facebook/Twitter headers for your social media accounts.

Prices for these vary, as we tailor it for your needs. So contact us for more information.

Are these the only plans?

No. We can build bespoke websites tailored for the needs of your business. The price plans above are for e-Commerce websites, but if you need your website to function differently, our dedicated team of minions can help! Just get in contact with us, and share with us your vision.

Are there any discounts?

We always want to help you grow your business online and offline, and we realise that paying for a fancy website can become a heavy financial burden, that’s why we can offer discounts on the set-up costs of your website, which will be included in the packages above.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, all our websites come with a 30 day rolling contract, so you can choose to cancel your contract any-time. We do however ask for a cooling period for the first six months, as we want you to make use of our training, to help you understand how to run and maintain your shop online.

If you do decide you want to cancel, but wish to keep your website, there is a fee to buy outright.

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Call us, we'd love to speak to you, even if we can't help you ourselves, at least we'll be able to point you to someone who can. It's no trouble for us.

0161 621 0925

Open 10am to 6pm - Monday to Friday

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You are welcome to come visit us anytime during our open hours, we'll offer you a brew and you can watch us work on your web site. We'll even answer any questions you have about any area of your businesses I.T.


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